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The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

When choosing a doctor, be sure you’re choosing one that you can fully trust to answer all of your questions and concerns. I offer easy-to-understand guides for some of the most common questions and inquiries I receive at my practice. Below you’ll find a list of some frequently asked questions by my clients.

Can I tour the facilities

Tours of maternity services centers are offered on a regular basis and we encourage you and your support person to take a tour by your 34th week of pregnancy.

Do you offer cashless treatment? Is your hospital empaneled with my insurance company?

Our hospital is empaneled with all Insurance companies for cashless treatments.

Do you offer packages for certain common treatments?

Yes. We have designed packages for certain treatments. You can ask them at reception/billing counter.

What all things to bring at the time of admission for delivery

For Mother:

1. ANC File

2. All Pervious Reports

3. Sanitary Napkins

4. Inner Wears (2 – 3)

5. Gowns (2)

6. Seasonal Clothing

7. Juices or similar drinks

8. Tooth brush / paste

9. Slippers

10 Personal hygiene products 

For Baby

1. Soft Linen – Diapers (12)

2. Baby tops (without hooks) (6)

3. Baby Bonnets (2)

4. Soft Linen Spread – sheets (12)

5. Soft Cotton Bibs

6. Bowls (2) – Spoons (2) (Just in case)

7. Baby soap & powder

8. Baby oil

When should I contact doctor immediately

  1. Any Vaginal Bleeding / blood stained discharge / Mucus discharge

  2. Sudden Watery discharge from vagina.

  3. Periodic tightness in uterus along with pain in abdomen

  4. Pain starting from back coming to abdomen and radiating towards thigh

  5. Fever more than 100 F

  6. BP 140/90 or more

  7. Intense headache & blurring of vision.

  8. Excessive swelling on feet.

  9. High blood sugar detected at home

  10. Reduced / absent baby’s movements.

  11. Breathlessness / uneasiness 

Will only my doctor conduct my delivery or someone else?

Most of the times your doctor will conduct your delivery. But if because of some unavoidable circumstances your regular doctor is unable to attend; an equally qualified and experienced Consultant will look after you.

How do I know my labour (delivery pains) has started

  1. Periodic tightness in uterus along with pain in abdomen 

  2. Pain starting from back, coming to abdomen and radiating towards thigh.

  3. Vaginal discharge - blood stained / mucus / watery

  4. Increase in frequency and intensity of pain in abdomen 

Where should I come when my labour (delivery pain) begins

  1. When patient is in stable condition ( not having labour pains - admitted for elective procedure ) she can report to obstetric ward of hospital ( 4th floor )

  2. When patient is having labour pains, she has to come to Labour Rooms ( 3rd floor )

  3. When patient is in critical condition she should be brought to Casualty Department ( Ground Floor - Casualty entrance ) 

What are the phone numbers I should call in emergency

You will find buttons on home page. Please select from the options and call.

What if my pregnancy is high-risk

All of our mothers and babies receive special attention, but some do require more advanced medical care. Our hospitals can handle complications, including conditions such as multiple-births, premature labor, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or premature rupture of membranes etc. If your pregnancy is high risk you may need more number of visits with your doctor or prolonged in patient care. We also have ICU facilities to manage serious complications if they arise.

Can I get painless labour

If you choose to receive pain relief, lanbour analgesia- EPIDURAL- is administered by our anesthesiologists who are available around-the-clock. There are intravenous (IV) pain medications that can be used in labor. It’s a good idea to discuss pain control options with your doctor during your antenatal visits. Your childbirth preparation classes will also talk about pain relief choices for labor.

Do we have to arrange blood for our  patients

No. We have our own blood bank wich provide us required blood and blood products.

Who can be in the labor room with me

To avoid interruption of medical care, we will allow no more people to accompany you while in labor. We discourage other family or friends from gathering in the hallways and will direct them to wait in the hospital’s designated waiting area. Generally, one support person is allowed during vaginal birth.

What happens if I need to have a cesarean birth

If the need arises to deliver your baby surgically, our surgical rooms are adjacent to our labor-delivery-recovery rooms. Your birthing partner cannot accompany you in the operation theatere as per policy of the hospital.

Besides my doctor, who will be caring for me

From the time you arrive at labour room, resident doctors, experienced nurses are assigned to care for you and make sure your needs are met.

Can my other child or children be with me in the room

We usually do not allow children in the labour room. So its best to make alternate child care arrangemets till the time you are in labour.

How long can I stay in the hospital after delivery

Your stay in the hospital after your baby is born depends on your and your baby's health. Generally, mothers stay 72 hours after a vaginal birth and 96 hours after a cesarean birth.

How do I know my baby will be safe

Immediately after birth of your baby, identification badge of your name is put on wrist of your baby. Baby will be in your room only.

When can I start breast feeding my baby, will somebody help me

Start breast feeding your baby as early as possible, both after vaginal delivery and cesarean section. Our nursing staff and a lactation consultant are available to help in breastfeeding.

Can I get a same-day appointment?


Do you offer financing options?

Yes. Please enquire at finance desk.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Please ask at Insurance desk at hospital entrance.

Do you offer financing options?

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Do you serve food to admired patients? Can accompanying person get food i

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